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The U.S. Marine Corps Memorial Association (USMCMA) is a subsidiary unit of the Colorado Department of the Marine Corps League.

We invite you to join the USMCMA individually, as a Marine-centric organization, or other organization or business.  Please feel free to join us at our business meetings to learn what’s going on.

As a member Organization,

-you may voice opinions and present arguments for/against an initiative by the association. 

-Only the members of the Board of Directors as defined in the Articles of the Association have an actual “vote” when that is required; most initiatives are passed by unanimous consent of those members present (if a quorum is present). 

-You must be a member of the Marine Corps League to hold an office in the Association. 

-Please know that the Board of Directors listens and considers all points of views, comments, and arguments with due diligence and concern.


Active duty Marine Corps units are invited to join the association free of charge as a unit and vote on pertinent issues, but you must join to have a voice.

Please click on the appropriate form below, print and complete the form and then send it along with your check to:


U.S. Marine Corps Memorial Association
PO Box 1803
WHEAT RIDGE, CO 80034-1803