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  1. Sgt. Alex Smith tells us about Foreign Area Staff NCO applications for the Marine Corps International Affairs Branch.
    Marine Minute: Providing Cultural Support
  2. Wounded warrior athletes compete in the Marine Corps Trials 2019 powerlifting competition at Camp Pendleton, California. Hosted by Wounded Warrior Regiment, the Marine Corps Trials is an adaptive sports event that encourages rehabilitation, recovery, and camaraderie, and provides a venue for nearly 200 wounded, ill, or injured Marines, veterans and international competitors to showcase physical and mental achievements.
    Marine Corps Trials Powerlifting Competition
  3. I'm Corporal Savannah Mosby with your Marine Minute. As battles evolve throughout history, so should the technology used to fight them. The Marine Corps is updating the Expeditionary Forensics Exploitation Capability, or EFEC, with new technology. The EFEC is a portable forensic laboratory used by Law Enforcement Battalions to recognize, collect, analyze, preserve and store data, allowing them to identify the enemy. The Law Enforcement Battalion uses this technology to determine who they are dealing with on the battlefield, whether it be alley or adversary. The EFEC currently includes a chem kit, lab kit, media kit and site kit, allowing Marines to get a leg up in the forensic battlefield. Maj. David Bain, EFEC project officer, said, "We want to improve the lethality of Marines in the battlespace by collecting and sharing data faster than we were previously able to." The Marine Corps system command is looking to make these changes battle ready by fiscal year 2021. That's it for your Marine Minute, for more news around the Corps go to Marines.mil.
  4. Sgt. Alex Smith tells us about the advancements 1st Marine Division is making.
    Marine Minute: Printing the Future
  5. I'm Corporal Savannah Mosby with your Marine Minute. As the Marine Corps fighting force in the Indo-Pacific region, it's important that the Marines with 3rd Marine Division train in all aspects of combat to maintain their lethality. Marines with the 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion, 3rd MarDiv, did just that when they conducted fast rope training out of a helicopter, Mar. 15th, on Camp Hansen at Okinawa, Japan. This type of training is important to the Recon Marines because knowing how to safely and quickly evacuate an aircraft in an efficient manner during a mission means life or death for members. Also in the Corps, The Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Sergeant Major Ronald Green kicked off the Own it! campaign for all Marines to take control of their history as Marines. The 9 week campaign gives Marines the opportunity to talk about stepping up and doing something when they see something wrong going on. This is a movement for all Marines to take part in. Remember Marines if you see something, do something! That's it for your Marine Minute, for more news around the Corps go to Marines.mil.