About the Memorial

The memorial is on a 6 acre triangular expanse of land at the intersection of Highway 6 and Highway 40 in Golden, CO. It is a growing memorial with many plaques to honor the service of Marines and those who serve with us. There are two bulletin board that provide a brief history of the Memorial, Honor Donors, and a remembrance board. Upcoming events are also announced.


16899 W Colfax Ave
Golden, CO 80401

The Memorial is located at the intersection of US HWY 6 (6th Avenue) and US HWY 40 (W. Colfax Avenue) in Golden, Colorado. It is on the west side of the intersection and can only be accessed from the US HWY 6 Eastbound lane, or US HWY 40 Westbound lane.

Please Note: Parking is no longer allowed along the US HWY 6 and US HWY 40 sides of the Memorial.

– For private visits, use the parking lot on the west end of the Memorial grounds. Please use the parking area off the access road between US HWY 6 and US HWY 40 on the west side of the Memorial.

– Parking for this event is generously offered by the Home Depot in the shopping area south of the Memorial.